Things to do on Rarotonga There is plenty to do on Rarotonga

When the mood takes you, there is plenty to do on Rarotonga. The island is 32 kilometres (almost 20 miles) in circumference and surrounded by a reef that encloses a magnificent lagoon. This is a wonderful playground. The snorkelling is stunning, the kayaking fun, the beaches are beautiful and the crystal clear water is warm.

Rarotonga boat tours "… mucking about in boats"

Back on land you can spend time hiking the hills and valleys covered with lush tropical vegetation or hire a bicycle or scooter. Take the local buses and get on and off at places of interest.

There is also a wide range of well-organised tours to help you discover Rarotonga, meet its people and enjoy its culture. Cook Islanders are well known for their generous hospitality and you will encounter many of these experiences along the way.

Other diversions for your enjoyment

There are plenty of other diversions for your enjoyment too including cultural events, bars and restaurants, shops, markets, museums and art galleries.

An island or cultural night with the vibrant, sensual dancing of these islands, the rhythm and power of the drums and a feast featuring traditional local food along with European dishes is a must on your itinerary.

And then there are the sunsets, the white sandy beaches and the views from the hammock…