Rarotonga Museums An outstanding collection of artifacts and historical art

There are two main museums on Rarotonga. The National Library and Museum is next to the Auditorium in uptown Avarua; the Cook Islands Library and Museum is opposite the University of South Pacific a short distance down the road.

The National Museum

The National Museum has a small collection of South Pacific and Cook Islands artifacts, including some outstanding examples of traditional weaving and carving. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated.

The National Museum is open 9am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Rarotonga museum An outstanding collection of Cook Islands artifacts The Cook Islands Library and Museum

The Cook Islands Library and Museum has a collection of rare books on the Pacific many of which have been donated over the years. The museum also has a variety of historical art, photographs and artifacts. For a small fee visitors can join the library for the duration of their stay. The library also welcomes donations of holiday books when you are departing (or any other books that you have to donate for that matter).

The Cook Islands Library and Museum is open from 9am-1pm, Monday to Saturday and Tuesday evenings 4-7pm.