"Enjoy a drive yourself, guided buggy tour"

Rarotonga's 'fun' adventure tour departs twice daily - 9am and 1pm. Each vehicle can take two persons, children included six years and over.

MORNING TOUR Tour (includes light lunch)
Depart: 9am - Return 12noon
Check in Time: 8.30am
$150 Single/Double

Depart: 1pm - Return 3.30pm
Check in Time: 12.30pm
$150 Single/Double
* Note no lunch for the afternoon tour but extra drive circuit

Motor through roads less traveled whilst experiencing the islands incredible beauty up close and personal as you maneuver with your personal buggy through hills and plantations. Go off road, get dirty and revel in an adventure you’ll never forget!

The Raro Buggy Tour is led by a local guide. Drive your own buggy, visit local attractions and learn about the history and origins of Rarotonga.

Bookings essential. Must have overseas car license and be 18 years and over if driving.

Bring along your sunscreen, mosquito repellant, swimwear, towel, sunglasses, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear.

T: +682 23 000
E: info@muribeachclubhotel.com
W: Raro Buggy Tours