Kia Orana

'Live long and healthy'

Kia orana are the Cook Islands Maori words for 'hello'. Pronounced, kee-ya or-rana, the greeting literally means 'live long and healthy'.

The Cook Islands, there is no place quite like it!

The locals are warm and friendly, the culture is attractive and engaging, the beaches and lagoons are pristine, there are lots of cafés, restaurants, beach bars and nightlife, and there are countless outdoor adventure and shopping experiences. Importantly, the pace is always "island time!"

There are few safe and welcoming vacation destinations left in the world, fortunately the Cook Islands is one of them.

Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands is connected to the world by air - two and a half hours from Tahiti, four hours from Auckland, six hours from Sydney, and nine and a half hours from Los Angeles. Cruise ships regularly visit Rarotonga and Aitukaki throughout the year, usually for the day.

The Cook Islands is in the same time zone as the Hawaiian Islands, our northern hemisphere cousins. is an online extension to the long-established Cook Islands Sun Visitor's Guides and Maps, which are published twice yearly and distributed around 'the Cooks'. The current edition of the Cook Islands Sun, and the maps of Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu, can be viewed from this website.

Published from Rarotonga, is designed to provide you with an insight into what is on offer in the Cook Islands, from information about the islands, to recommendations about what to see and do, eat and drink, and where to stay.

To help you better understand the Cooks on a personal level, there are stories about interesting people living in the islands, and on things to do and see.

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To help you better appreciate the Cooks on a personal level, there are stories about interesting people living in the islands, and on things to do and see.

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