enjoycookislands.com is a comprehensive online extension to the long-established Cook Islands Sun Visitor's Guides and Maps, which are published twice yearly and distributed around the Cooks. The current edition of the Cook Islands Sun, and the maps of Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu, can be viewed from our website.

enjoycookislands.com is designed to provide visitors with an insight into what is on offer in the Cook Islands, from information about the islands, to recommendations about what to see and do, eat and drink, and where to stay. And, to help visitors better understand the Cooks on a personal level, there are a series of stories on interesting people living in the islands, and articles on activities and accommodation.

Importantly, enjoycookislands.com is updated with news, events and stories on a regular basis, so you will be right up-to-date when you arrive in the Cooks.

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