Make the most of your stay in the Cook Islands by being aware of the 'essentials' before you arrive.


Voltage is 220 AC/50 cycle, the same as New Zealand and Australia and the same three blade plugs (type I plug) are used. If you are traveling from a part of the world where your appliances are 110v you will need a voltage transformer. Check your specific appliances though - some can handle a range of voltages. Many of the hotels have at least one 110v 'plug' in their rooms, often in the bathroom.

On Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu electricity is available 24 hours. On the outer islands it is more limited.

Electricity is relatively expensive in the Cook Islands so remember to turn off lights and appliances when you aren't using them.


Mobile phone services are provided by Telecom Cook Islands. You can buy a local Kokanet Sim card from the Telecom office for your mobile.

You will need to make sure your handset isn't locked to your network prior to travel.

If you want to use your own telephone you will need to check with your service provider prior to travel to see they have a roaming agreement with Telecom Cook Islands. For a full list of roaming partners please go to the website

Visitors are able to make telephone calls from a telephone box or a landline using a Kia Orana Calling Card. Calls using a Kia Orana card are capped at set rates for up to one hour to New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Fiji and the UK - check with Telecom for the latest capped rates. Calls from accommodations may vary depending on the hotel. You will need to contact the hotel in question for charges. For call costs to other countries please check the website for more information.


Telecom Cook Islands (Oyster) offers Wi-Fi in several hotels and hotspots in Rarotonga including Telecom centre in Avarua. Users with their own laptops can buy a prepaid card to use this service.

There are a number of Internet lounges in Avarua on Rarotonga and there is an Internet café at Muri.

On Aitutaki, the bigger resorts have Internet available for their guests, sometimes for a small fee.